Sara and Leo... Love in Paradise!

Jun 02, 2017
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Mixing the formal with the fun, Sara and Leo did it in style at Bells!




Sara shares some special moments with us...

The Proposal

Leo proposed at the idyllic tropical location of Fiji on my 30th birthday. Being a special occasion, Leo had presented me with a beautiful watch that morning. While walking along the beach after breakfast, Leo asked me to look at the back of the watch as he had it engraved. Written in delicate calligraphy were the words ‘Marry Me’. Leo then got down on one knee and I immediately started crying – it was the perfect moment that encapsulated our true love for each other.

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"We incorporated a few special elements of the Tongan culture into our wedding. Leo and his groomsmen wore traditional Tongan wedding outfits, including mats (ta'ovala) that were handed down for generations..."


The Wedding

We held our wedding at the beautiful Bells at Killcare Boutique Hotel on the Central Coast. The venue is stunning on its own, but we added some unique touches such as tropical leaves, gold spray-painted pineapples and blossoming white flowers in pink and gold vases. I also loved our arch decorated with macramé and tropical leaves. Incorporating a tropical twist into a venue that brings Hampton elegance to an Australian setting by the beach created a relaxed, tropical and beautiful atmosphere for our special day.

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The Gifts!

We spent a great deal of time on The Gift Collective perfecting our puzzles and only including gifts that we really loved and wanted... We constructed personal puzzles that really spoke to us a couple. After including our honeymoon to Bali on our gift registry, we indulged in a beautiful sunset dinner on the beach at La Lucciola, Seminyak, featuring cocktails and decadent meals – a wonderful way to unwind and relax after the busy lead-up to the wedding… as well as continue the lush tropical vibe from our special wedding day.

We also included a new bedroom suite (we were in desperate need!), beautiful Sheridan linen and a new Weber Barbeque (which just happened to be Leo’s favourite gift!)... 

Sara and Leo's Memories

Our wedding day totally exceeded our expectations. From the amazing personal styling, to the beautiful bunches of flowers prepared by a dear friend, to the contagious buzzing energy that pulsated from the dance floor, we loved every moment of our special day!!


579A9261_ copy-223100-edited.jpg"At the ceremony we had a traditional Tongan tau'olunga dance beautifully performed by Leo's niece Pelenaise, which was such a hit... We were also presented with beautiful tropical flower wreaths to wear, hand made by Leo's aunt. The Heilala being the national flower of Tonga."


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Having our family and friends stay for the weekend was the best part of our wedding – it created such a fun, warm and exciting buzz surrounding the occasion and meant the celebrations could continue for the whole weekend, beyond just the wedding day!" Sara, xx.


Thank you to Liv Style Photography for the gorgeous pics and "Life's A Musical" for the fantastic videography.


Congratulations Sara and Leo and thank you for inviting The Gift Collectiveto be a part of your special day.